Free Venus Snap Razor & Goodie Bag

Free Venus Snap Razor & Goodie Bag

To make sure your legs stay smooth all winter long, Venus has a range of razors and shaving creams that protect and nourish skin, and give you a close shave at the same time. SuperSavvyMe are giving away FREE Venus Winter Goody Bag to 5 lucky winners! These amazing Venus Winter Goody Bag containing one each of the following products;

*Venus & Olay razor

*Venus & Olay 3 pack blades

*Venus Swirl razor

*Venus Swirl 3 pack blades

*Venus Snap with Embrace razor

*Satin Care Sensitive Gel

Enter their prize draw today for your chance to get a free Venus Winter Goody Bag. Best of luck!

Sorry, this freebie expired at 11:59 pm on Thursday January 5th, 2017